Friday, September 4, 2009

Saying Au Revoir

So today is my last day at work.

I'm honestly not very sad. I've made some really good friends, and of course I'll miss them, but there isn't much else about it I'll miss.

I've been working in a luxury hotel in downtown Washington, two blocks from the White House. I've had great experiences, like being able to use my French all the time with a lot of our European clientele, seeing lots of famous people like the Frey, Ted Danson, David Cook, various presidents and governmental officials from around the world. But the management I've had to work under has been miserable (for the most part). My primary manager, Krystoff, can't control his stress levels and passes it directly onto his department. So that wasn't fun. And there are all sorts of other people that are difficult to get along with. But that's pretty much how life is in any circumstance.

But today is my last day and eventually the negative feelings will fade and I'll remember the people I've really enjoyed and the good memories.

Au Revoir

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