Monday, September 21, 2009

Life goes on. And on. And on. And on.

I'm coming closer and closer to getting my own housing. I'm definitely enjoying my time with Sarah though. It's such a blessing to have such a good friend here. Our sleep schedules are a little different (mostly because I've needed a nap every day since we've arrived like a 4 year old), but we're getting along just splendidly.

We went for like a four hour walk today. We walked all the way from where we are near the Place de la Concorde (pictured here).

To Île-de-la-cité where Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle are located. When you see Notre Dame from where we were, it doesn't really seem that far because it's so big. But it's quite a walk. Luckily it's all flat and mostly in the shade, haha.

But we walked all over the island and saw some stuff that neither of us had seen before. So that was fun. Here's my favorite picture of the day.

It's from the façade of Notre Dame.

In other news, we also opened up our French bank accounts! That's very exciting and was
rather easy. Especially because we're both under the age of 25. I think there are more taxes and what not when you're that old. In France there's a monthly tax that's taken out of your bank account simply for having one. But there's also interest that you I'm not quite sure how it all works out. Maybe I should read the 5,000 page handout that the guy at the bank gave me....but probably not.

That's our bank. BNP Paribas. I just learned today that it's actually the largest French company. So there you go. Never say that you didn't learn anything from reading my ramblings, haha.

And now to bed!

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