Monday, January 18, 2010

Like sand.

So I've started a blog.  You may be aware.

But I decided I needed to do something else.  Something just for myself.  So I started a private blog/journal.

Let me take just a moment to explain myself.  I've been thinking a lot lately.  Well, I always think a lot; I think that's what struck me.

This is a conversation I had with my friend, Sarah, recently:

me: but I'm still building my resume and stuff
  I need to keep track of all these things
 Sarah: yeah true
 me: do you ever feel like you can't contain everything that you do?
  that sounds weird
 but like, I'm doing all this awesome stuff in my life, and reading books, and seeing movies, going to museums, making friends
  and I feel like I do it and enjoy it
  but then it just slips through my fingers
  and I forget so much
  and then have nothing or very little to show for it
 Sarah: yes!
  that's why I blog...
 moreso on my other non-public one
 me: mmhmm
 Sarah: so that way I can at least look back sometimes and remember
  but sometimes I feel like I can't do everything I need to do
  there's always so much
 me: I know

(And now I can't get my paragraph to align correctly.  Great.)
Anyway, so that's how I've been feeling, so to try and counteract this, I'm going to start documenting things.  This is something I need to just make a part of my day.  Like brushing my teeth.  Or getting dressed.
That's pretty much all I have to say about that I suppose.
My friend Carl came to stay with me for a few days last week.  We worked at the embassy together and haven't seen each other since the end of the summer in 2007, so it was fun to see each other again and to explore the city again.  He's in Madagascar right now.  Sigh.  One day I supposed I'll retire and will use all the money I've made from my wildly successful career as a _______________ and use my time to travel the world, read many books, and do things without having to think, "how is this going to look on my resume?"  Those will be the days, I suppose.

This is what the Eiffel Tower looks like tonight.

It's been pretty gloomy here lately.  Although yesterday it did get up to about 50 degrees and it was sunny.  I stood in the sun in a short sleeve t-shirt yesterday out in the street for a few minutes.  I think some people might have thought it was a little weird as they were walking past me in their jackets and scarves.  I'm ok with that.

One more photo.

Until the next time.

Thanks to Carl for the photos!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

La vida loca.

Hey guys,

Sorry to have been out of touch.  I've been hosting a lot of people and haven't even had much time to plan my lessons, let alone update my blog.

It's coming!  I promise.

Until then!