Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

If any of you out there were to take a peek in my room right now, you’d probably see the title of this post and think to yourself, “Wow, good thing he’s finally cleaning.”

Well, sorry to get your hopes up, but I’m not talking about my room.

I was chatting with a friend online this morning when I realized I had inadvertently forgotten to print off my boarding passes at work yesterday for my flight tomorrow.  This isn’t a huge issue because I live pretty close to an Internet café.  But…who wants to unnecessarily pay 15¢ when you can just do it for free?  Let’s be honest.

So I downloaded the passes and was checking them on Adobe to make sure they looked ok, and as I got about half way down the page, a window popped up and said, “Out of Memory.”

I’m no computer expert…but I think that message is universally accepted as being bad.  I immediately checked my hard drive to see if I was indeed running out of space.  And, thankfully, I wasn’t.  I’m not sure what’s going on with Adobe, but it got me thinking that I should take some time and clear out the junk that accumulates on one’s computer.

So I started going through my Downloads and Documents folders.  And let me tell you, what a treasure trove.

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve found so far.

Triple copies of letters of recommendation from 2007, 2009, and 2010.

Incriminating photos of fantastic nights out in Sevilla and Granada...such as this:

Last night in Sevilla, September 2010.

Tons of random pictures people have sent me over skype or email.

GCC Crew Christmas party, December 2007

Thanks, Sarah.

Dozens and dozens of ridiculous Photo Booth pictures (always good for a laugh).

Shannon's a teacher...that's why her brain is so big.

Lots and lots of extremely important screen shots (mostly to do with the weather).

A bad week for weather in Andalucía.

I've also found applications for various programs/associations/grad schools.  Including one to work on a farm...which I definitely don't remember ever being interested in doing...

I have no explanation for this...

There's also lots of things I look up when I'm getting ready to travel somewhere...especially maps!

Map of  the London Underground.

The worst offender, however, are the lesson plans.  Oh the lesson plans!  I have snippets of lessons on every topic from Thanksgiving to Urban Legends to the Conditional (1st, 2nd and 3rd) to Gender Roles.  Most of which you have to download from the Internet before you can check I have tons and tons that are crap, but I didn't know that until they were on my computer.  Blurg.

Anyway, so I was in the middle of cleaning out everything and then decided to write a post about it.  I guess I should get back to it, eh?  Or maybe I should take a shower...or finish doing laundry...or get dressed...or make lunch...

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  1. I am totally going to make a copy of your London underground map for my trip to London this weekend! Thanks for saving me a step!

    It is always entertaining to read your take(s?) on life :)