Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Low and high notes.

Today was a crappy day.

I'll write a post about it in more detail later (about how I missed my calling as a CSI-type detective), but to sum it up in a word or two, I found out my camera has a 2 year warranty from El Corte Inglés (they all do, actually...for those of you who find yourselves in a similar situation), but you need the receipt.

Well, I didn't.  So I thought I was going to have to spend 240€ on a gd camera for my trip.

Plus I was sick.  Plus it was cold outside.  Plus one of my teachers told me that my schedule changed for work this week.  Plus I had accomplished almost nothing on my To Do list.  Things were looking dire, friends.

Then, my wonderful and kind friend, Jeanette, said that I could just use hers for the weekend.  So I went to meet up with her, and it turns out she has a very nice camera, so problem solved...for the time being.

I was walking home after having met with Jeanette, and I was kind of playing around with the camera, just to see what's up.  And then I saw this.

The Sierra Nevadas.  Always there when you need them.

I've said this before: Sometimes we need to be reminded how small we are.  What's the very worst thing that would have happened if I didn't have a camera for Amsterdam/Paris?  I mean, you guys wouldn't get to see the evidence I was there, but really, that's about it.  I would still have gone, and I would still have enjoyed myself.

Thanks for the reminder, Granada.

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  1. Grenada... God. Tomato... tomato. (Please read "tomato" in two different ways.)

    Enjoy your trip! We missed you last weekend!