Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Slight Addiction...

So I got a very exciting package in the mail today. I ordered the 8th (and final) season of Scrubs and it arrived today!

I celebrated by watching a three and half hour marathon. Ugh. And the best/worst part? I hadn't even gotten to the end of the first CD! Lots more Scrubs where that came from I suppose!

I love the relationships that are portrayed in Scrubs. The characters have all developed deep and personal relationships with people that are seemingly very different on the surface. Elliott and Carla, par exemple. They say this all the time in the show, a skinny white girl from Connecticut and a "other side of the tracks" Latina from Chicago. I love it when people realize how similar despite how different they are. Some of the closest people I've come to know are people I quite literally have nothing in common with. True story.

People need to get back to that mindset we had as children before all the nonsense about "differences" got in the way. We've lost our innocence.

Where has it gone?

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