Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Half time.

The parentals and I have been to Madrid, Sevilla, Guadix and now we're planted in Granada.  It's been quite a whirlwind.

Me and mom in Madrid.

Brittany and me: Tour guides in Madrid.

So far Sevilla's been the favorite.  I have to agree.  Madrid was great and exciting, but it didn't seem so Spanish.  When you're in really have no doubts about which country you're in.

Shannon, Dad, Mom, Jojo, Elise, Dana, me, Reed and Sarah at Los Coloniales.  Super delish.
Out at Plaza del Salvador with the parentals.
Padres at the Alcázar.

We’re having a blast though.  Today is going to be the day to catch up on sleep, not spend hours upon hours touring things, maybe do a little shopping.

It’s been really interesting visiting with my parents this time.  I’ve known my parents my whole life and I’ve always gotten along really well with them.  I think that partially has to do with having been an only child.  When it’s just you and your parents in the house, you don’t really have a choice a lot of the time, haha.

When you’re not living with someone, or you stop seeing them all the time, you forget little things about their mannerisms, or their little sayings, or what have you.

So, not only have I been noticing little things my parents do, but I’ve been noticing that I do the exact same things.  All the time.  Here in Spain.  Thousands of miles away.  Without my parents being around.  Lol.

It’s been encouraging too, though.  I’ve never thought I look very much like either my dad or my mom, so having this corroboration that I’m not, in fact, adopted, has been great, haha.

Which parent (if any) do you think I resemble most? 

At the Alhambra.
(I promise I'm not really this tan.  I think that my parents' camera's white balance was a little off.  I look orange.)

Here are some more pics from our time so far in Granada:

So that's where I get that look from....
Visiting the Alhambra.
I have tons of pictures of monuments and stuff...but I think photos with people are more important.  If (God forbid) all my pictures got deleted, I could always find great pictures of the Alhambra, Alcázar or Palacio Real on Google.  But not the ones of me and my family.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weeks!

Un beso desde España

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  1. 1) I think you look like both of your parents. I used to think I look nothing like my brother... so I always hoped he was adopted...

    2) I LOVE the picture of you and your mom with "the look." Hilarious. I died.

    3) I miss all three of you.

    Have a wonderful holiday with them! How great that they could come visit you!!