Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep Breath.

Here we go again.

I am so far behind in all of my journal writing, blog posting, friend skyping, etc etc.

It's not my fault!  The weather here in Andalucía has been amazing.  Every day has been up into the 70's.  It's been almost nonstop sun all day, every day.  The birds are singing (obnoxious), the people are laughing (also obnoxious), and I've been trying to get out of doors and soak up every bit of it that I can before the Spanish government says I have to leave.  What a sad day that will be.

I can't really complain, though.  My past five weekends have consisted of, in reverse order:

  • Weekend trip to the beach.
  • Day trip to the beach and a full night of clubbing at Granada's finest establishments.
  • Full day hike and, subsequently, a lazy day at the beach.
  • Paris and Amsterdam.
  • Weekend in the Canary Islands.

Sheesh.  I didn't even realize this myself until I tried to think of why I haven't been updating like I should.  The Canaries, Amsterdam and Paris feel like months and months ago.  No wonder I have less than 80€ to last me until my next paycheck, hahaha

...but seriously.  Yikes.

I'm at a crossroads of sorts right now, both emotionally and regarding my schedule here.

I've officially decided that it's going to be really rough going back to the States.  For those of you who I haven't told yet, I wasn't accepted to Georgetown in the fall.  I knew it was kind of a long shot, and I only applied to one school.  That part was intentional though.  There just weren't any other schools that really appealed to me.  My plan upon returning is to try and find some job that will boost my candidacy as a grad student, work for a while, and then reapply.  Linguistics is really the only field of study that I feel strongly interested in.  It sucks to have so much uncertainty as I return home.  I've decided I shouldn't come back to Europe though.  It would be too easy.  I've been doing "too easy" for too long.

In terms of my schedule, today is my last day of work before the Easter vacation (La Semana Santa).  The reality is that we only have a week off school, but I have the nagging suspicion that the time is going to whiz by far too quickly afterwards.  When thought of in terms of available weekends, there are only three left where I don't have something planned, or am working on planning something.  It's absurd.

But there's a lot of good happening as well.  I'm taking the bus up to Madrid tonight with Brittany to get our parents who are visiting for the week.  It's funny how it worked out: Our parents are flying out of different cities, but arriving at the same time, on the same day, and (this part is on purpose) staying in the same hotel in Madrid.  It's going to be quite the whirlwind tour of Spain for me and my family.  We're doing two days in Madrid, two days in Sevilla, then coming to Granada to set up our home base.  From Granada we'll be taking day trips to Guadix, Gibraltar, Nerja, Córdoba and possibly Tarifa (tbd).

Another good is that I don't have to work for a week!  If I have to correct someone from saying, "I lived in London during 2 months," I might actually lose my mind.

Another good is that I got my camera back today!  I mentioned this a few posts ago, but I forgot to wrap up the rest of the story.

In quick summary, when I got to Sevilla from Paris, I went to the Corte Inglés where I bought the camera and they were able to find the receipt from the transaction and printed me a copy.  I took it to Granada with me and they contacted Canon, set up a courrier pick up, and two days later my camera was on its way to Madrid to get checked out.  I got it back today and it works just like it's brand new!  It was perfect timing.  If I didn't get it back today, I wouldn't have it for at least another week and a half.  Thank God.

So that explains why there aren't any pictures from my most recent doings and happenings on this post.  Well, any of MY pictures.  I've pilfered some from a friend or two.

Me and Dana on my host mom's roof, checking out the cathedral in Sevilla.
At the top of the Sierra de Huétor.  Those are the Sierra Nevadas off in the distance.
Delicious fajita dinner on the roof at sunset.
On Avenida Castilla in La Antilla, Huelva.  From left to right: Me, Joey, Dana and Amy.

So there's a taste!  I promise I'll have more pictures now that I have a functioning camera.

Have a Happy Easter : )   I'll try to post at least once before the holiday is over....we'll see...


  1. Reading this post made me want to give you a huge hug! :) I am so glad that I can now that I am coming to Sevilla this weekend too! So here's a toast (meant to be followed in Sevilla by a shared drink... and a warm embrace ;) to uncertainty... and all of the wonderful things that falling into grace can bring our way! :)

  2. Reading this post makes me want to give you a huge hug! (and now I can, since I am coming to Sevilla this weekend!) I am completely in the same... barco ;) So here's a toast (meant to be followed by a shared drink very soon) to uncertainty... and all the wonderful things that falling into grace may bring our way! :)