Monday, October 12, 2009


So when I first arrived in Paris my friend, Sarah, allowed me to stay with her for the first couple of weeks until I found a place.  She lived near the 8th Arrondissement and one day I was walking around for a little while and just happened to walk by the Sofitel Faubourg Saint-Honoré!

I was actually very surprised by this because I worked not far from here a few summers ago and never noticed it before.  I guess the only reason I noticed it this time was because I worked in one for the past year, lol.  That tends to help with this kind of thing.

At any rate, I should have taken more pictures, but this will have to suffice for now:

Sofitel Lafayette Square definitely has a much grander entry way, to say the least.

The lobby of Saint-Honoré is nice, but I think Lafayette Square is a bit more elegant.  I was going to go in and take a bunch of pictures, but I felt a little awkward, so I just went in real quick and looked around and then fiche'd le camp.

So anyway, this update is just to say that I think about all my Sofi-friends often and hope all is well chez vous.

And one final one with me and my bud:

And always remember: Keep it classy!

Peace out!

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