Friday, October 2, 2009


So I've finally officially got my own apartment.  This morning I met with the realtor and signed all the papers, then I had to go to school for a few hours, then I came back and went to the bank and bought basically homeowner's insurance, and then in about an hour I'm going to meet the lady to actually get the keys.  Then I can move in whenever I'm ready.  And boy am I ready.

It's been very rewarding/frustrating/eye-opening having found, negotiated and acquired an apartment as well as having bought the appropriate insurance for it in France and in French.  I feel very accomplished for this.  So, now that I'm getting settled, and have no money left after the deposit I put down on the apartment, I'm going to start moving in and finding fun things in the area.  But I'm very excited about this new, chic, chapter in my France experience.

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