Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy (mid) July!

Did you have a happy 4th?

I had the privilege of seeing lots of friends on July 3rd.  I went to a birthday cookout where we experienced weather like this

Kind of scary.  I'll be honest.
 Then I met up with some other friends afterward to just hang out for a bit.

My best friend, Sarah, is back in the States for a bit this summer, so today she came over and we cooked lunch!  A few years ago when were both living at home right after we graduated from college, we developed a tradition of cooking dinner together every Sunday night and then watching tv together.  We kept the tradition up a little bit when we both lived in France together, although it was much more sporadic, to say the least.

But today was the first time we've been able to cook together in years!  We had a blast : )

These are her pictures, so you should go to her blog after you look through here and check it out!

I would like to say I'm trying to remember something I've forgotten, but really I'm just standing here awkwardly.

Bloom!  How I've missed you!

Caramelizing les oignons.

Perrier with lemon while we wait, recipe courtesy of Paula

Finishing touches.


Bon Appétit!
  It turned out beautifully!

We followed a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, the author of which always posts the most delicious looking photographs of the food she cooks.  You really should check it out.

Click here to find the recipe we followed.

I feel pretty adjustd back to the US.  Living at home is fine for the time being, but I'm definitely exploring all employment options.  Hopefully I'll find something here soon!

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  1. YUM!! And also you make me miss American grocery stores big time.