Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cobwebs be gone!

I've once heard it referred to as "Paralyzing Writers Syndrome" (PWS).  I dare say it's happened to all of us one time or another.

PWS is that ever-increasing feeling of guilt/despair we all get when we’ve been successfully (or semi-successfully) journaling, blogging, or otherwise documenting our travelings and doings.  You miss documenting things for a week or two for the precise reason that you’ve been extremely busy traveling and doing these things you’re supposed to be writing about.  It is, if I may be so bold, one of life’s more vicious cycles.  The more you do the less you write.  Thus you rapidly accumulate experiences and stories that you need to write about.  I ask thee, “What is one to do?”

My solution?  Well, normally I just look at the date on my blog, sigh, and then move onto to failblog.org or something to keep myself from thinking about it.  Thus the cycle continues.

I’m here to tell you I’m a new man.  I’m not going to let a little thing like trying to play “catch up” (whatever that is) stop me from continuing to share my life with friends and family!  Nay!  Nay I say!

This isn’t exactly a New Nears resolution.  New Years resolutions, in my opinion, are reserved for things that are going to make a significant difference/impact in your life.  Mine this year, for example, are to travel more, go out more, drink more, and eat more food.  I feel that each of these things will help to round out my experience here in sunny Spain.  So far things have been going quite swimmingly in the “fulfilling New Years resolutions department.”

Here is a quick montage of travels and friends since my last post.  Since October 22nd, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Alpujarra region of the Sierra Nevada mountains, visit friends in Jaén, Córdoba and Sevilla, visit my near and dear friend Paris, fly home for Christmas and New Years, and even visit Ronda and the dynamic and rocky strip of land known as Gibraltar.

Enjoy this brief sampling of pictures.

 Mountain towns in the Alpujarra

 The Immaculate Alhambra


 Post mountain hike

 Weekend visit from my favorite Northern Europeans

 Post-bar kebabs

Me and Dana at Notre Dame in Paris

After my birthday dinner in Paris


The ever-friendly Gibraltarians we met in a pub

The mighty Rock of Gibraltar

Christmas with the family in Williamsburg

The Albaycín in Granada

My dearest pain in the butt, Brittany

Guadix cathedral
 Also, before I leave, I would like to mention my dear friend Paula.  Almost exactly 365 days ago, Paula moved to Paris to begin a master's course at the American Graduate School of Paris.  I had the great pleasure of being able to see her when I was in Paris during my birthday weekend.  Paula and myself, along with our other wonderful friends in Paris, enjoyed an unforgettable couple of months together.  I can't wait for her to move to DC along with Libby and Kate....

Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris, Paula!  See you in the Spring!

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  1. a spesh shout out just for me?! awww. per ujz, you're too kind. see you in the spring...and apparently when i move to DC with you and the gang. miss you PK!