Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girl talk.

First of all, Garfield is the best comic out there.  While I also love Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield has played a more significant part of my childhood/adulthood.

Second of all, this comic sums up my current living situation, which shall be expounded upon after reading the following:

Welcome to my life.

Now, let me preface everything by saying I love my roommates.  Just this morning actually, I woke up, went into the living room to eat breakfast, and they were both sitting there drinking their coffee, pleasantly chatting, just passing the time.  I joined in and we talked for an hour or so, just sharing funny stories about whatever.  It's lovely.

As I've mentioned, I live with a guy, Julio, and a girl, Jennifer.  This is my first time living with a girl for an extended period of time, so there are certain things I was not expecting.  For example, as seen in the above cartoon, girls apparently have a seemingly unlimited supply of hair that manages to make its way into even the remotest corner of the apartment, not to mention most countertops, sinks, and, surprisingly enough, the fridge.  My good friends Shannon and Brandon shared an apartment their final year of college and Brandon would always complain about "Shannon hairs" left all over the apartment.  I always kind of thought he was just being dramatic, but now I understand.  It's really quite remarkable.  While Brandon was rather disgusted by all this, I mostly just find it impressive.  I think Jennifer secretly goes into my room when I'm not around and strategically places hair all over the place.

Also rather shocking is the amount of toilet paper used in this apartment.  Quite literally, every time I go into the bathroom, there's a fresh roll of toilet paper on the roll holder.  I've seen some of the girls in my program sneak toilet paper into their purses, just in case the bathrooms in bars or clubs aren't appropriately equipped, but I doubt my roommate does this as well.  My current theory is that she uses it as some sort of bedding in her room.  Maybe to stuff her pillows.  I have no visual proof of this, however, but based on the amount of toilet paper we go through weekly, it's the only logical explanation.

As I said though, I'm very happy with my roommates.  I keep trying to convince Jennifer to extend her studies through the end of the school year.  She's only scheduled to be here until February, but hopefully she'll push it back a while.  Plus, she's really the only one in the apartment that I understand 100%. I think that she has just as much trouble understanding Julio as I do, though we've both learned when to nod, when to smile, and even when to laugh.  It's amazing how much understanding you can feign when necessary.  The worst is when you've zoned out (which happens frequently), but remain on autopilot with your "ah's" and "de verdad's."  Then, he says, "No...I'm asking you..."  Oh, ok...well, I'll just be in my room from now on...


  1. I think my favorite part about this is that you just assumed Brandon was being dramatic... and that he suspected the exact same thing about me going into his room and strategically placing hairs. He found some last weekend when he was visiting. He misses it.

    I also agree about Garfield vs. Calvin.

    And, as always, reading your musings is a humorous and pleasant start to my day :)

  2. ohhh peter, you make me laugh. i love that you are living with a girl right now...the hair, the mysterious toilet paper disappearances - hahahahahahahaha