Friday, September 17, 2010

Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird. (The Pretty Kitty Post.)

So, as I was walking around the other day from farmacía to farmacía trying to find this medicine the doctor prescribed for me, I just happened to find myself walking behind this girl with a bird on her head.

Apparently she was taking her bird for a walk.  I've never seen this before.

You may be asking yourself, "how did you get this picture, Peter?"

I may or may not have whipped my messenger bag around to my front, scrambled to get my camera out, ran ahead a few steps, held my camera out at arm's length, took the picture, and then quickly darted to the other side of the street to avoid raising suspicion.  They never suspected a thing.

I felt a little bad for the bird, however, because he kept having to climb back up her hair as he was losing his grip.  I hope he didn't fall off.

Also, this post goes out to one, Paula Nivala.  If you know her, then you know why.  I do not doubt, based on the close relationship that is clearly represented here between girl and bird, that this bird's name is Bob.


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